With influence of high-quality content and good reputation, LifeForm Network became an attractive web destination for branding and advertising, proven by long-year cooperation with world leading advertising agencies, third-parity advertisers and large corporations.

The most reputable corporations recognized this tremendous potential of LifeForm Network. Still, the most important part for us is to keep user's browsing experience unobstructed. The contextual and behavioral ads targeting allows us to optimize user's experience, giving them the opportunity to focus on the content itself, but still keeping advertisements contextually visible to visitors. LifeForm Network is a global online publisher with special role to close in advertiser's products/services and present it directly to the potential customer using elegant and non-obstructive methods. This unique cohesion between users and advertisers helps us to maximize the satisfaction for both sides.

LifeForm Network accepts regular IAB standards. The most popular and best performing RON ad zones are 728x90 (atf), 300x250 (atf), 160x600. For more info, please contact our advertising department.